Quantitative Preserving the Qualitative: a Teaser for Integrating Methodologies – 18-19 September 2020

Quantitative Preserving the Qualitative:
a Teaser for Integrating Methodologies

18-19 September 2020

A teaser event for the upcoming CILC5 2021 conference.


Human behavior and experience is fragile under the measurements and richer than any measures can describe. Our aim is to bring together researchers working within several approaches, who are aligned by their focus on preserving the value-realizing and qualitative aspects of human behavior and experience, and who seek quantitative methods that enable this. Prominent researchers from both “quali” and “quanti” sides will present their views on the problem of integration of these complementary approaches to science.

The theme of the symposium resonates with a long-standing worry about reducing persons, their deeds and feelings to measurements and relating these measurements to each other by (most often) linear models. This worry is equally present within ecological, enactive, cognitive ethnographic and dynamical systems frameworks, yet the dialogue among them and the exchange of research experience on the methodological level seems still rather limited. Each approach develops predominantly its own valuable ways of investigations, responding to the specific needs of its domain. Therefore the main goal of this event is to establish a common ground among researchers from these fields as an introduction to the next year’s stationary conference.

Symposium Format

The symposium will consist of short 20 min talks from each speaker and a panel discussion. The event will be held online with the possibility to interact with the speakers via chat. The conference will take place over two days at varying hours to fit in as many time zones as possible (unfortunately with varying convenience):

  • Friday, 18th of September, 2pm-6pm (UTC +0)
  • Saturday, 19th of September, 6am-10am (UTC +0)
Invited Speakers
  • Hanne de Jaegher, University of the Basque Country,
  • Mark Bickhard, Lehigh University
  • Vasu Reddy, University of Portsmouth
  • Li Wei, University College London
  • Bert Hodges, University of Connecticut
  • Sarah Bro Trasmundi, University of Southern Denmark
  • Michael Richardson, Macquarie University
  • John Sutton, Rachel Kallen, Sara Kim Hjortborg, Macquarie University
Here you will find the full programme, with times in your time-zone and abstracts:
The participation in the Symposium i s free of charge. To participate please register before 13th of September
Please help us circulate among your colleagues who might be interested!

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In case of questions email us at cilc@hill.psych.uw.edu.pl

Open Day 2020 at the UW

Do you want to study at the UW and have some questions? – we would like to answer them during Open Day at the UW.

Even in the current circumstances we can still meet online. Despite changes in form, everyone will have a possibility to:
– get to know educational offer and admission procedure,
– put a question to Admissions Office employees, representatives of Student’s Union and Welcome Point,
– get to know more about student organizations, social support, mobility, etc.

We have prepared a special part dedicated to international candidates. We would like to present educational offer and answer questions in English.

Although we can’t meet at the University, we will take you to a virtual trip during which you will a possibility to visit our University.

Details to follow on 20th of April. Be with us and share the information.

25th of April, 10.00-12.00, UW Facebook profile, live transmission.


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New guidance for studying and working during coronavirus outbreak

Dear Members of the UW community,

Please familiarize yourself with the new regulations of the UW rector as of 7th April regarding studying and working at the University of Warsaw during coronavirus outbreak. They concern the:

  • Extension of the period for conducting online lectures and classes for students, doctoral candidates, post-diploma learners (until 15th May);
  • Work limitations on the UW campuses (until 15th May);
  • Suspension of business travels abroad and participation in domestic conferences (until 30th June);
  • Cancellation of open events, e.g. conferences, symposiums or lectures (until 31st August);
  • Suspension of accommodating new students in residence halls and other facilities, and prohibition from visiting these places (until 30th June);
  • 50% reduction in accommodation fee (in May 2020) for students, doctoral candidates, postgraduate students of the School of Education of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation and the University of Warsaw, and participants of the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange, who live in UW facilities.

Due to the changing situation, please follow our updated information about the UW operations in these exceptional times.

[COVID-19] The Rector’s Order

We confirm that according to the Rector’s order (https://monitor.uw.edu.pl/…/Att…/5311/M.2020.123.Zarz.50.pdf) all lectures and classes for students, doctoral students and students are canceled from 11/03/2020 (Wednesday) until 14/04/2020 inclusive (Tuesday).

All detailed information (including access to classes that will be rearranged into remote classes) will appear on the Faculty’s website in the News tab (http://psych.uw.edu.pl/ogloszenia). Please check this information regularly.

If you need to contact the student section or other employees of the Faculty, we encourage you to use forms of communication such as e-mail, telephone, facebook and thank you in advance for limiting your personal presence at the Faculty.

According to parish 3 above Regulations, please note that students and doctoral students are required to immediately inform the Vice-Dean of Student Affairs by email (dean_stud@psych.uw.edu.pl) about suspected coronavirus-related illness or quarantine.

[COVID-19] Information on preventing COVID-19 spread among the UW community

In connection with preventing COVID-19 spread among the UW community, the Rector of the University of Warsaw:

  • Cancels lectures and classes with students, doctoral candidates, post-diploma learners, excepting remote classes (until 14th April 2020);
  • Cancels open events, e.g. conferences, symposiums, open lectures, cultural events, etc. (until 30th April 2020);
  • Suspends travels abroad and participation of employees, doctoral candidates and students in national conferences (until 30th April 2020).

Following changes shall become effective on 11th March.

More information will be available on the UW website.

5th International Conference on Interactivity, Language & Cognition


We invite you to participate in the 5th international conference CILC 2020: Conference on Interactivity, Language & Cognition, organized by the Laboratory of Interactivity and Language Research (Faculty of Psychology of the University of Warsaw) and the International Society for the Study of Interactivity, Language and Cognition (ISSILC). The conference will be held on 16-20 September 2020 at the Auditorium Maximum of the University of Warsaw.

Our aim is to bring together researchers working within several approaches, which are allied by their focus on preserving the value-realizing and qualitative aspects of human behavior and experience and by seeking quantitative methods that enable this. Within ecological, enactive, cognitive ethnographic and dynamical systems frameworks there is a long-standing worry about reducing persons, their deeds and feelings to measurements and relating the measurements to each other by (most often) linear models. Yet the dialogue among them and the exchange of research experience on the methodological level seem still rather limited, each approach developing predominantly their own valuable ways of investigations, responding to the specific needs of its domain.

With this conference we aim to strengthen the ongoing conversations and strike new encounters among researchers from these, and others, approaches, to unite them in a common concern for the complexity, richness and fragility of individual and collective cognition as it arises from language-infused interactions. We will try to give due weight to the qualitative methods, under the assumption that the best “measuring device” for human purposes is another human being: we have evolved not only to read each other but to feel with each other and act together. In seeking “tender” quantitative methods we will turn to those approaches which:

  • do not take operationalization to be a straightforward process,
  • can respect complexity, reciprocal causality and emergence,
  • refrain from hasty reifications of theoretical constructs, and
  • promote process-oriented analyses.

Important deadlines

  • Jan 17th – April 15th sessions proposals in;
  • Jan 17th – May 1st abstracts in;
  • May 1st sessions acceptance notification;
  • May 15th sessions abstracts final version submission;
  • June 1st abstracts acceptance notification.

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Open lecture „Language at the forefront of cognitive science: three lessons from Jan Baudouin de Courtenay” with dr Tomasz Bąk

We would like to invite everyone interested in the mind and the brain to our open inauguration lecture „Language at the forefront of cognitive science: three lessons from Jan Baudouin de Courtenay” with our distinguished guest speaker dr Tomasz Bąk, University of Edinburgh.

Since the very beginning of humankind up to the present day, study of language and its disorders has been at the forefront of the exploration of mind and brain.

Following life and work of JBdeC, one of the most distinguished Polish scientist of the early 20th Century with a strong connection to Warsaw, we will discover developments which have shaped and are still shaping cognitive science of our time. The event marks the inauguration of the new Master’s degree programme in Cognitive Science at the University of Warsaw: http://cogsci.uw.edu.pl/.

Given the interdisciplinary character of the talk and the Cognitive Science programme, we welcome everybody with interest in language, mind, brain and cognition, whatever your disciplinary background might be. The talk and discussion will be followed by food & drinks reception and exhibition on the life and works of Jan Baudouin de Courtenay.

October 17, 2019 | 17:45

Faculty of Psychology UW

Stawki 5/7, Warsaw

Room 408 (IV floor)



Upcoming events – October 1st & 2nd


October 1st:

11 AM: 2019-20 academic year opening ceremony at the Faculty of Psychology (lecture hall)
After the ceremony please proceed to the Dean’s Office (room 423) to collect your Electronic Student Identity Documents.
1 PM: Orientation meeting (room 93)
4 PM: CogSci integration meeting – Bobby Burger, Stawki 8 Str

October 2nd:
Beginning of classes

9th Aspects of the neuroscience Conference



Aspects of neuroscience is an annual scientific conference organized at the University of Warsaw by students and students associated with the Student Scientific Research Group of Neurobiology at the University of Warsaw.

An event combining sympathizers of neuroscience from different areas. There are students and scientists from the natural sciences, but also humanities, which emphasizes how interdisciplinary our initiative is.

The 9th Aspects of the neuroscience Conference, which will take place on November 22-24, 2019, will be the largest event in Poland related to neuroscience.

The conference brings together representatives of the world of science: students, doctoral students, scientists and guests of honor from all over Europe, who will give special lectures for the participants.

This year we have the pleasure to host scientists from such prestigious universities as Imperial College London or the University of Lisbon, representing fields such as psychiatry, neurophysiology, and psychology. According to tradition, a conference was divided into four thematic blocks: Neurobiology, Clinical, Cognitive, and Computational.

The conference aims to popularize Neuroscience, integrate Polish students and scientists from various fields. Expanding the horizons and competences of young people interested in neuroscience, enabling them to acquire not only theoretical but also practical knowledge, and above all to establish new contacts.

Apart from listening to lectures of our guests of honor and taking part in workshops, at our event students have the opportunity to present their research results to a wider audience during the poster session, during which the Scientific Council will select the most interesting works to be awarded. In our opinion, it has a key character when it comes to the development of young people involved in science. An active student is an ideal candidate for scientific cooperation for many guests of our conference and members of the Scientific Council.


Official website >>

Welcome meeting for all international students

Welcome Point would like to invite you for a welcome meeting for all international students who will start their studies at University of Warsaw in the academic year 2019/2020.

At the meeting you will learn the most important things about the University itself, basic rules and about possibilities that you will enjoy soon as members of the community. Moreover, you will get a welcome pack and an invitation to more events that are planned in October. It will be also a great opportunity to meet other fellow students. After the meetings we will invite you for a game and pub crawling with local students.

Meeting conducted in English will be held on 30 September (Monday) at the Main Campus:

  • Meeting in English – 10:00 am, Auditorium Minus (Old Library), aula
  • Meeting in Polish12:30, Auditorium Maximum, aula C

Participation in the meeting is free of charge upon registration through this online form (meeting in English): https://forms.gle/cqRDGoNJNrfz6xYT8 or this form (meeting in Polish): https://forms.gle/Zmby5WdKGfnBAMj9A.

Detailed programme will be published soon on the Welcome Point website: www.welcome.uw.edu.pl.

We invite you also to join our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WelcomePointUW/

In case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Welcome Point UW: welcome@uw.edu.pl.


See You soon!

Welcome Point Team