If you feel you have noticed a problem that affects the academic community or your functioning in it, you should turn to the Ombudsman for assistance. The principles of confidentiality and informality guiding the activity of the Ombudsman guarantee that reporting a case will not have negative consequences for the reporting party.

The competences of the Ombudsman include:

  • Promoting high ethical standards and innovative methods of conflict resolution in the academic environment;
  • Providing assistance in the resolution of conflicts and reducing their negative effects;
  • Supporting individuals and organizational units in resolving problems arising in connection with the operation of the University;
  • Gathering and disseminating information regarding applicable university regulations and general rules of operation;
  • Identifying sources of problems which hinder the proper functioning of the University;
  • Briefing and advising the Rector in the area of necessary changes aimed at improving the operation of the University.