In accordance with the Study Regulations:

A person who has ended studies, i.e. has fulfilled all the requirements set out in the study curriculum except for obtaining credit for the last cycle of the degree seminar due to the failure to submit a thesis envisaged in the curriculum or failed to obtain credit for any other course required to submit a thesis, may apply for resumption of studies without the requirement to make up curricular differences mentioned in section 4 within the non-extendable period of two years of being removed from the list
of students. The HTU, in consultation with the student’s thesis supervisor, may decide on specific terms of completing the degree seminar. In the event of the student’s reremoval from the list of students, resumption of studies shall be possible only subject to making up curricular differences.


Application template:

Application for renewal of studies


The application must be submitted in person to the office together with the supervisor’s application