I have lost my student ID card and I need a new one. What is the procedure and how long will it take? 

You need to submit in usosweb a relevant request and attach to it a proof of payment for a duplicate. Usually it takes a week to get a new card.

I have completed a course at another university and would like to include it into my current program. How to fix it? 

You need to submit in usosweb a request and attach a document (in Polish or in English) confirming passing that course. In the request you need to specify all the details regarding the course (the name, place, date, no. of ECTS, proposed grade and a category in which the course is to be acknowledged. Only courses passed with a grade can be accepted.

I will be on Erasmus/bilateral exchange next academic year/semester and I will not be able to complete the required obligatory course/s. What should I do? 

You need to discuss it with a Faculty exchange coordinator and depending on the situation to submit a request for postponing given course/s to the next academic year. All arrangements must be completed before leaving.

I would like to contact the Vice-Dean for student’s affairs. What is a proper e-mail address? Can I meet the Vice-Dean to talk about my problem?

If you wish to request the Vice-Dean for any student matter, you need to submit in usosweb a relevant application. In case your issue is very complicated it is possible to meet the Vice-Dean in person. To arrange such a meeting, just contact the Cognitive science office.

I completed a given course, but I am not sure how many ECTS it has. Where can I check it?

The best place to check a number of ECTS is Student’s section – a POL-on at your usosweb account. You need to be aware that the same course can have different numbers of credits depending on the year it was completed.

I need a signed copy of my transcript of records. Should I send you a form to sign issued from my usosweb account?

No, the transcript needs to be issued by the office. Do not forget to specify in which language it is to be prepared – in Polish or in English. Please note that only courses that are linked to a stage and have its grade will be visible on the transcript.

Is it possible to unlink courses from the previous stage and link them to the current year? 

No, the courses that are already linked to a previous stage can not be unlinked from that stage and link to another stage.