Admissions 2020/2021


The applicant is qualified on the basis of an entrance written exam in English which measures the basic knowledge of cognitive science and formal logic, as well as the ability of critical reading of scientific papers. It will be a multiple-choice test with one correct answer, based on the following readings:

  • Bermudez, J. L. (2014). Cognitive science: an introduction to the science of the mind. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press.
    • Chpts 1.1. –3., pp. 5-55
    • Chpt 3, pp. 59-81
    • Chpts 4.1. –3., pp. 87-98
    • Chpt 8, pp. 209-235
    • Chpt 9, pp. 239-272
    • Chpt 10, pp. 279-311
    • Chpts 11.1. –3., 11.5, pp. 315-336, 343-346
    • Chpts 12.2-12.6, pp. 361-395
    • Chpt 13.1., 13.3, pp. 404-411, 420-429
  • Dienes, Z. (2008). Understanding Psychology as a Science: An
    Introduction to Scientific and Statistical Inference (chapter 3). Palgrave
  • Knops, A., Thirion, B., Hubbard, E. M., Michel, V., & Dehaene, S. (2009). Recruitment of an area involved in eye movements during mental arithmetic. Science, 324(5934), 1583-1585.
  • Metta, G., Natale, L., Nori, F., Sandini, G., Vernon, D., Fadiga, L., … & Bernardino, A. (2010). The iCub humanoid robot: An open-systems platform for research in cognitive development. Neural Networks, 23(8-9), 1125-1134. 
  • Partee, B. H., ter Meulen, A., Wall, R. E. (1990). Mathematical methods in linguistics. Dordrecht: Kluver Academic.
    • Chpt 6, pp. 99-130
    • Chpt 7.1. –4, 7.6 – 7.8, pp. 137-165, 170-175

A maximum of 35 applicants who achieve the best results from the exam – but not lower than 60% of the maximum score – will be qualified for the programme.






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