Graduate’s ABC for 2022/2023

A Graduate’s ABC for 2022/2023

-for supervisors and students-

Procedure for the submission of a diploma paper and the conduct of a diploma examination for the major in Cognitive science


A Graduate’s ABC for 2022/2023

-for students-

– What to do when you want to defend – 

Graduating is a process consisting of number of actions – most of them have to be done by student so please  read carefully and follow the instruction.


Step 1.  

Go to your USOS account. Click “student section” -> “grades”. What you see is your transcript.  Now check all your ECTS points, you should have collected between 120- 132 ECTS. 

*If you have less than 120 ECTS you cannot graduate – please write a request to the dean to repeat the last year to  complete the missing requirements. 

*If you have over 132 ECTS points – please inform the office about this situation. 

Note: Master’s thesis seminar is worth 4 ECTS per semester. It is very common for students to obtain a grade from the  course a little later (sometimes even after submitting their ready master’s thesis), so do not worry if you have for example  116 ECTS, because you will still meet the requirement of 120 ECTS after the grade for Master’s thesis seminar is  registered in USOS.


Step 2.  

Stay at your USOS profile and check if you meet all the requirements for obtaining an Absolutorium.  (Note: without Absolutorium you cannot proceed with your defense. Obtaining it means a closure to your study program) 

If you collected the accurate number of ECTS then you should check if you also have: 


  • A block of introductory courses – 31 ECTS credits
  • A block of „thematic paths” – 16 ECTS credits
  • A block of optional modules –  35 ECTS credits
  • A block of remaining courses: Diploma seminar – 12 ECTS credits, Research laboratory – 15 ECTS credits,Internships – 5 ECTS credit
  • General module block: general university courses – 6 ECTS credits

If you had met all the above requirements it means you have an Absolutorium. It is time then to check if the course are  linked to the stage and to deliver the program for check up. 


Step 3.    

Prepare your Master’s thesis in the formal way. 

Your master’s thesis should include some formal elements.

For the first pages of the thesis, see here

Make sure  you have the first few pages done EXACTLY in the way it is specified on the website, you will also find there a guide with  helpful hints. If you wish the office to check if your first 3 pages have no formal mistakes you can send the file to to verify it.  

This is the best moment for proofreading the thesis one last time to make sure there are no mistakes in there.


Step 4.  

Sending your Master’s thesis to your supervisor. 

When your thesis is ready please send to your tutor a file with a final version of the thesis in PDF format. It should be the whole version of your thesis, from the title page til the last page, including bibliography and attachments. The tutor, after checking the file, will send it to the office. We do not require a paper version of your thesis, so you do not need to print it.

Please check in usos if your Diploma seminar IV course has been graded. If not, you need to ask your supervisor to put a grade in the usos protocol.


Step 5.  

Sending your Master’s thesis to the APD (University of Warsaw Theses Archive). 

After the antiplagiarism report is accepted by your tutor you will be asked to log in to APD and  upload your thesis there (you login in the same way as to your account in USOS). The file should be of course the final  version of your thesis (the whole version with bibliography and attachments) in PDF format. The name of the file has to  be: 2500-MGR-COG-yourpeselnumber.pdf. If you are a foreigner and you do not have a PESEL number then please put your  USOS login number there (the 007… number). 

The APD form will also require filling the fields: 

– “Title” just in Polish; 

– “Key words” (they should reflect subject matter of your thesis) both in English and Polish; 

– “Abstracts” (copy it directly from your thesis – the first formal pages) both in English and Polish; 

At step 1 of APD (Entering thesis data) before uploading the thesis you will be asked to confirm 2 statements: 1. Aware of legal liability I certify that the thesis submitted has been prepared by myself and does not include  information gathered contrary to the law. 

  1. I also declare that the thesis submitted has not been the subject of proceedings resulting in the award of a university  degree. 

Only after you confirm these 2 statements uploading the thesis is possible. 



Step 6.  

Informing the office about the exact date of your defense and confirming the availability of technical  conditions required for the online defense. 

  1. a) Now you need to inform the office  after discussing it with your supervisor and reviewer, about the planned date and hour of the defense. The supervisor will fix the date with the reviewer. Please consider the 

fact that it is recommended that the defense should take place no earlier than a month after sending the final version of  the thesis to your tutor (due to anti-plagiarism and documentation procedures), but in exceptional circumstances this  period can be shortened.  

Having the proposed date, the office will find a person who will be the head of the commission during your defense exam.  

  1. b) You will have then to send to the office your statement confirming readiness to take part in the defense conducted online taking into account technical conditions, i.e:

– computer with the access to the internet, 

– active account on the Google Suite platform (the defense will take place using Google Meet apps), – a video camera connected to your computer,  

– a microphone connected to your computer.


Step 7. 

Other formalities to do before the defense

  1. a) the Office will prepare a Student clearance card (obiegówka) in USOS and a few days before the defense you  should log in there and answer the questions addressed to you. 
  2. b) The Office will prepare a payment to make in USOS for your diploma, so please log in to the system (USOS:  student’s section -> payments ->academic bank accounts) All the  payments must be registered in the system no later than one week before the date of your defence.  



If you have any questions or doubts, please don’t assume it’s nothing important: ASK! 



_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

In exceptional (!!!) cases, if you are late with your work on the thesis and you will not be able to defend your thesis by the  end of September, you need to write a request to the Vice-Dean for Student’s Affairs, dr hab. Kamilla Bargiel – Matusiewicz in early  September asking for a prolongation of defending your thesis until the end of the calendar year but it is upon Vice-Dean’s  decision to approve or reject the request.  

In case you applied for resumption of studies please contact the office  because there are  more steps to do preceding the procedure itself.